Alquerque rules

Object of the game :

To capture all the enemy men.

Equipment needed to play alquerque :

Lined board of twenty-five points

Setting up the game board:

: Fig.1 disposition initiale d'après le folio 91v du Livre des Jeux d'Alphonse X


Each player starts with twelve men arranged on the board as it is shown by fig.1.

There is only one empty point left, in the center of the board.

Rules :

A man moves along any marked lines, from one point to the next one, which must be empty.

If the adjacent point is occupied by an enemy piece ant the next point beyond it on the line is empty, a man can make a short leap over the enemy man ant take it. The taken man is removed from the board.

If the same man can now make a second short leap over another enemy man, it can capture it by this move, and further captures may be made in the same turn of play, so long it is possible (fig.2).

A change of direction is allowed between each capture.

If a man can make a capture, it is not forced to do so.

alquerque fig2 aisling-1198

Fig.2 : movements

Schéma Aisling-1198

Fig. 3 : capture


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